AMP Neuron™ Artificial Intelligence
Learning from Experience

What does it do?

The AMP Neuron™ artificial intelligence (AI) platform uses computer vision to distinguish material features similar to the human eye. Neuron then these transforms images into data to recognize patterns, using machine learning to train itself by processing millions of material images within an ever expanding neural network of robotic installations.

Continuous Learning, Continuous Improvement

Neuron uses an extremely accurate and highly reliable industrial camera to see unique characteristics in complex material streams. All of this data is captured on the cloud, then used for continuous learning from experience and collected for future insights. Neuron applies the latest in advance machine learning to improve the overall performance of the Cortex robotic system, while experientially adapting to changes in material streams.

Pinpoint Accuracy in the Harshest Environments

Neuron guides Cortex robots to perform human-like tasks, by identifying different shapes, colors, sizes and textures to sort and pick in the material stream. Neuron’s pinpoint accuracy is capable of recognizing the Brand of packaging or even a SKU (stock keeping unit) on material targeted.

  • Continually improves over time

  • Increases accuracy as it learns

  • Learns entirely new classes of material

  • Adapts to the changes in packaging design

  • Adjusts to different lighting conditions

  • Performs in varied burden depths