AMP Cortex™
Intelligent Robots for Recycling

AMP Cortex™ is a high-speed, intelligent robotics system designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s recycling operations. Guided by AI, its robots intelligently perform physical tasks of sorting, picking and placing material.

Taking Technology to Task

Cortex applies three key technologies that serve as the brain, eyes, and hands to perform material recovery tasks at extraordinary speeds with high accuracy. And the best part is that Cortex is continuously learning from experience getting better all the time.

Making Robots Intelligent


The AMP Neuron™ artificial intelligence (AI) platform powers Cortex, as the “eyes” and “brain” of the system. Neuron applies machine vision and deep learning technologies for real-time pattern recognition to identify materials.

High-Speed Precision

Then Neuron directs the robots - the “hands” – in the system to precisely sort and pick targeted materials. Cortex uses a Delta-style robot that has three arms universally connected at the base to achieve precise, fluid movement. The robots are highly durable, easy to maintain, and flexible in their operation. This design results in extremely fast picking and placement, enabling Cortex to perform at astonishing speeds.

Digitizing the Material Stream

While all of this is happening, data from the material stream is being captured in the cloud. This data is made available online via AMP Insights™, an easy to use data visualization tool that you can use to monitor, measure, and make informed decisions to optimize your operation.

Install Over a Weekend

Cortex is held in place by a steel frame and sits above your conveyor belt. The frame area, height, and location of the legs are adapted to the facility’s sorting station footprint and made to “drop-in” on the line. This modular design is engineered to fit into your existing sorting stations adjusting to space constraints so you don’t have to worry about costly retrofits or interruptions to your line. Installation is fast and often can be done in 48 hours.

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