AMP Insights™
Drive Efficiency with Data

Maximize Your ROI Using Data

AMP Insights™ is an online data visualization tool that  monitors material stream activity, measures performance, and helps you make informed operational decisions.

Digitize Your Material Stream

Insights gives you transparency on material composition and productivity so you know everything that is happening on your lines. Data captured triggers real-time notifications that sends text and email alerts to you based on your settings.

Turn Data into Decisions

While the material stream is scanned, operational statistics important for your facility are calculated. Key commodities are tracked, creating value estimates based their mass.

  • Visual notifications help you manage productivity

  • Alerts inform you of equipment issues and hazards

  • Reporting reduces time consuming manual record keeping

  • Know value created or lost on ‘residual lines’

  • Compare performance across equipment lines

  • Quantify value per hauling load

  • Determine material composition per bale