Powered by AMP Neuron™Artificial Intelligence

AMP Neuron serves as the ‘brain’ for Cortex using the latest in deep machine learning and industrial artificial intelligence (AI). By processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns in the data, AI makes it possible for robots to continuously learn from experience, adjust to new material characteristics and perform human-like tasks. Cortex robots then become ‘intelligent’ so they can accomplish specific tasks of high-speed sorting, picking, and placement into collection bins for resale processing.

Most powerfully, Neuron continually improves over time. It not only becomes increasing accurate, but also learns entirely new classes of material and their attributes so Cortex is constantly adapting to the changing characteristics of packaging and waste streams.

Neuron continually learns from both it’s real-time performance processing a waste stream stream line, as well as from the overall deployed system network. This ensures the highest accuracy, purity rates and overall efficiency while enabling the ongoing adaptation to new packaging, brands, and consumer products.