How It Works

AMP Robotics has created Cortex, a robotic system that can rapidly pick recyclable materials off a conveyor belt for recovery. This is enabled by Neuron, artificial intelligence that peers into the recyclable stream to identify individual pieces of recoverable material.

AMP's products are designed to meet the demanding needs of Material Recovery Facilities: higher throughput, increase commodity revenue, better bale quality, and a fixed labor rate over time.

Our employees are excited about seeing Cortex in their workspace. They have made our sorting lines safer and more accurate. We have seen a 200% increase in revenue since we’ve introduced Cortex.
— Dave Kirkland, President

Why AMP Robotics?

Higher Revenue

Improved purity and recovery rates increase top-line revenue from commodity sales

Lower Costs

Reliable uptime and productivity ensure you are fully “staffed”, eliminating recruitment, training and turnover costs.

Better Safety

Elimination of manually handling dangerous materials protects employees, cuts costs, and reduces liability. 

Great Efficiency

Much higher and more consistent pick rates prevents losses typical of manual processes and other technology.

Improved Monitoring

Expanded monitoring of material streams with enhanced data capture gives you valuable insights to improve operations.

Fast Implementation

Modular design easily drops into existing facilities without costly retrofits or downtown to get started quickly.


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