Our technology is all about productivity.

We design solutions so you can overcome the limitations of manual processes and help you get the most out of your operations. We are driven by innovation, constantly seeking ways to improve automation with the latest applications of advanced AI.


AMP Cortex™

Cortex™ is a high-speed, intelligent robotics system designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s recycling operations. Guided by AI, its robots intelligently perform physical tasks of sorting, picking and placing material.


AMP Neuron™

Cortex is powered by the AMP Neuron™ artificial intelligence platform. Neuron combines machine vision with deep learning to capture and recognize the unique characteristics of objects within a mixed material stream.

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AMP Insights™

Data captured by Neuron is made available via AMP Insights, an online data visualization tool.  Use it to monitor activity, measure performance, and help you make informed decisions about your operations.